In the middle of the city, under the coat of arms of the Palace of Culture, IULIUS has developed Palas Iași, a premiering project designed to pay homage to the iconic building and as an economic and social boost for the entire region. Palas Iași is the first mixed-use project developed in Romania and it has added the western valences of the lifestyle concept to the development of a region with major, yet insufficiently capitalized potential.

Palas Iași, opened in 2012, is synonymous with a cosmopolitan lifestyle. This is the place where time takes on a different dimension, as it integrates everything that is required in the everyday life. An effervescent space, with an abundance of experiences that bring people together, where you come to the office and find your inspiration while enjoying a cup of coffee in the park, where you have access to international brands, as well as to cultural events.

The investment committed to the Palas Iași project currently adds up to more than 320 million Euro. The development continued via Palas Campus, a mixed-use project in itself in the nearby Af. Andrei area, transforming an underdeveloped area in downtown Iași into a hub of innovation and creativity.

  • Palas Mall & Palas Shopping Street * more than 63,000 sqm * 270 stores
  • food court, 20 restaurants, international cuisine
  • 4 event halls
  • park * Venetian carousel * lake * kiosk * archeological vestiges of the household of the Royal Court * event squares * skating rink
  • 7 class A office buildings * 75,600 sqm * 60 companies * 9,000 employees
  • outdoor amphitheater * 460 seats
  • underground parking lot in Romania * 2,500 parking places

Palas has revitalized the downtown of Iaşi from an urbanistic, economic and social point of view, becoming a tourist attraction and a growth driver for the local community.

Palas attracts approximative 20 million visits every year, both from within the country and from abroad.