To the advantage of culture lovers, PALAS provides special exhibition areas and the open air amphitheater. To the benefit of the dynamic and sports loving ones, PALAS makes available during the cold season a state of the art open air skating rink, designed as per the latest standards, as well as an all seasons bowling and billiards club.

The Venetian style carousel represents the main attraction for children.

The construction works conducted for Palas multifunctional ensemble represented an opportunity for the archeological research concerning the administrative facilities of the former Royal Court in Iasi. Such administrative facilities of a Moldavian royal residence are up to now singular by being the only archeologically researched discovery of its genre. Within the core of the city, inhabitants of Iasi and tourists will get acquainted to the relics discovered in the Palas area, proofs of the past displayed in the public garden. 

At PALAS the discovered relics are valorized in at least three ways: some are preserved in situ and marked within the floorings inside the new constructions, others are relocated in the public garden, while stones and other items are concentrated within a lapidarium type area.

Amongst the displayed relics one can mention: the foundations of the royal stables, a fragment of a hydraulic wheel and the gazebo with flowing fountain, all of them dating back to the reign of Vasile Lupu; a XIX century stone fountain; parts of the utilities systems (ceramic and wooden water ducts, XVII-XVIII centuries); fragments of the wooden piles which used to reinforce the banks of the royal pond and also had a defense role; parts of the wooden fortification of the residence. Iulius Group entirely bears the expenses for rehabilitation and valorization of the Vigil Tower, located towards the Palat Street.